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There is no difference in the product delivered by a Yonkers medical cannabis delivery service and the product from the usual Yonkers medical cannabis dispensary and the shared medical cannabis by members of Yonkers medical cannabis club. In fact, some cannabis patients would rather stay on their own method of purchasing their beloved medication that try another one.

Yonkers zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 10470 10583 10701 10702 10703 10704 10705 10706 10707 10708 10710

Yonkers Cannabis Club Medical

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Qualifying for a Yonkers Medical Marijuana Card

– Must be a New York resident.
– Must have been treated with other medication for certain medical condition for which you are seeking medical cannabis treatment.
– Must be certified by a Yonkers Medical Marijuana doctor who has registered with the DOH to recommend medical cannabis.
– Patients must apply to DOH to become a certified cannabis patient.
– Patient must have at least one of the qualifying medical conditions under the NY cannabis law.