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If you are a medical weed patient in Utica you will have different options in getting your legal weed. This can be done through Utica medical cannabis dispensary, Utica medical cannabis club or a Utica medical cannabis delivery service.

There are sketchy dispensaries among a few listed licensed storefront across the area where medical weed has been legalized. Fortunately, you can just have your medical weed delivered. All you need is a medical weed card, phone/internet, and money.

Utica zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 13501 13502 13503 13504 13505 13599

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In order for patients to qualify for the New York Medical Marijuana Program, they must be diagnosed with one of the life-threatening conditions that are accompanied by complicating condition and receive a written certification from a certified Utica medical cannabis physician with whom the patient has a patient-doctor relationship with. Also, they can apply for Utica medical cannabis card with that certification.