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Patients in Hempstead diagnosed with one of the life-threatening medical conditions are afforded legal shield under the state’s medical marijuana law. Cannabis laws are very strict and you can only buy marijuana legally from an approved Hempstead medical marijuana dispensary.

Even Hempstead medical marijuana delivery businesses are needed to operate under medical marijuana program -“The Compassionate Care Act.” One day, Hempstead medical marijuana social clubs will no longer be hiding – they needed a clear written regulation.

Hempstead zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 11549 11550 11551

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Patients must be a valid citizen residing in the State of New York in order to become a bonafide medical marijuana patient. Patients must also get a written certification from a certified Hempstead medical marijuana healthcare practitioner. With this Hempstead medical marijuana card, you’ll be able to walk into any accredited dispensary or have your meds delivered in your own home.