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If you are a marijuana patient in Canisteo you will have a lot of options on how you can get your marijuana legally. First, you can get it from any Canisteo medical marijuana dispensary. Second, join a Canisteo medical cannabis social club. Anf lastly, call a Canisteo medical cannabis delivery service.

There are sketchy marijuana establishments among a few listed online and across the area where medical marijuana consumption has been allowed. Today, you can have your medical marijuana delivered in front of your gate. All you need is a marijuana card, phone or internet, and money.

Canisteo zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 14823

Canisteo Cannabis Club Medical

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Canisteo Medical Marijuana Card-Apply Online-Professional Cannabis Doctor 420 Evaluations


After an online or personal evaluation by a licensed Canisteo medical marijuana doctor, you will be given a recommendation letter or a card. Once you’ve received you it, you’ll need to submit your application for the New York marijuana patient program.

Please remember that in order to get the said recommendation, the doctor must be a licensed doctor in New York and registered with the marijuana patient program. Once you have your Canisteo medical cannabis card, you can now purchase online or visit a club or dispensary.