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Patients in Alden, NY diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions, are given legal protection under the marijuana law – 6357 Assembly Bill.

Access to registered Alden medical cannabis dispensaries — cannabis laws are very strict and you can only get medical marijuana legally from an certified Alden medical cannabis delivery services or storefront or from membership of any legal Alden medical cannabis club only.

Alden zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 14004

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Alden Medical Marijuana Card-Apply Online-Professional Cannabis Doctor 420 Evaluations


You can now buy marijuana for both medical and recreational once a law is passed. However, Alden MMJ card ID is still a must to have, without it, you’ll be arrested for illegal possesion of marijuana. You still need to undergo cannabis evaluation. You can get evaluated by an Alden online cannabis doctor. If approved, you can start getting medical cannabis from any dispensary legally.